Slot Machine is somehow divided into three different categories. That would be the straight slot machines, Progressive Slot Machines and the 3 reel slot machines and 5 reel slot machines. Let us elaborate all three and see the different sub categories that go with it. Under the Straight (Slot Machine Games), they use symbols that will make a combination.

The combination of symbols will be shown in the table and if you hit the same combination, then you win!Under this category, you will see the multiplier slot. The multiplier slot works like this – if for example, the winning combination is three stars, play games win prizes and your bet is one coin – the machine will pay you 10 coins as your prize.

You may also find the Bonus multiplier slot under this category, which works like this – if you bet the maximum number of coins, your prize will not be more than expected because you were able to comply with the maximum number of coins.

Multi-payline slot is also available under this category wherein you are able to activate one pay line if you bet a coin. And the last would be Buy a pay slot. This is said to be the most misunderstood game. This is quite complicated that is why. You should bet the minimum number of coins in order to win the prize. Because if not, even if you were able to get the correct combination, it will be useless because the prize will not be given to you.

Next category would be the Progressive (Slot Machine Games). This game is said to make you an instant millionaire if you win the right combination. The reason behind this is that the machine is linked to different machines from the same casino or from another casino. Every time one person makes a bet, a portion of the bet is placed into a pool, which grows larger and larger everyday that will only reset if someone wins the right combination.

The last category would be 3 reels and the 5 reel (slot machine games). This is the most famous slot machine among online casinos. The 3 reel slot machine was actually developed by Charles Fay. While the 5 reel is just simple an extended version of the 3 reel making more pay lines available to the player. Therefore, there are the different types of (slot machine games) nowadays. And if you are asking me which among them would be ranked number one, that would be the progressive slot machine simply because more and more people would love to get rich instantly.

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